Our Achievements

Project Adarsh Gaon

Under the Project : Adarsh Gaon, Team Bihang has established Solar Powered minigrids to provide 70 households and 30 street lights across the Paniyara Village of Arajiline Block in Varanasi district, Uttar Pradesh.

Its a prepaid metering system where the CAPEX has been involved to establish the solar power plants and its been running on a sustainable mode with the payment (OPEX) collected from the user base on monthly basis. And also we have conducted many Tree Plantation Drives in the village.

The above Concept of Adarsh Gaon is to adopt extensive approaches involving key elements as Technology, community involvement, sustainability and connectivity in the process of Village Development Plans so as to provide directly benefit all sections of a village community in an integrated, efficient and participatory fashion through basic activities as
  1. grassroots level planning and
  2. mobilization of resources
Under the above program Team Bihang has introduced
  1. Technology intervenation to improve the quality and delivery of other services such as health and education, which in turn contributes to sustainable development
  2. the use of Renewable Energy, apart from meeting energy needs, also contributes towards environmental sustainability. Village tree plantation drives could encourage a community participation, benefit the environment, prevent soil erosion and benefit agriculture, conserve water, and finally contribute to the aesthetics of the village.